*** Important information for Importers of Chinese Products, Please Read ***

Please be careful and read the information at the link listed below.
Before you get swept up in thought of sourcing products from China to make a profit by reselling, check out the resources online regarding this topic. If you do a google search on “importing chinese products” you will come up with roughly 4.3 million hits. You can change the search words to find out more about online scams and fraud regarding chinese goods. It can be both a nebulous and daunting task to be sure, so it’s always best to research first and be very cautious. Often we jump some steps in the hype and excitement of the online mania or frenzy if you will.
Hopefully you find it interesting & helpful, please comment as well and perhaps we can start a thread on this topic to educate as many people as possible.
This is just one of the millions of links that popped out for a starting point on the subject. When I get a chance perhaps I will add more on this subject and provide links to more online resources.
Important imformation for Importers