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Baker-SKF Model D125 Static Motor Analyzer, repaired and calibrated

Repaired and calibrated the unit pictured below for a customer in the fine city where Rob Ford is the mayor! Yes Toronto!
This piece of 41kg electonic test equipment had a serious issue with the foot pedal/ test button logic, effectively disabling the much needed foot pedal feature. Problem was isolated to opto-coupler logic board, which was quickly troubleshot and repaired with parts instock in my electronic repair shop.

Static motor analyzers
High-voltage test equipment for testing motors when they are off-line

SKF’s high-voltage static motor test equipment is designed to detect electrical faults and weaknesses in motor insulation. These predictive maintenance tools allow maintenance professionals to assess any need to maintain or replace specific motors and generators that support their business.
D125 circuit board

Baker-SKF D125 Static Motor Analyzer